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The Environmental Geography Unit investigates environmental pressures and change with special emphasis on time, scale and localization elements, and with the purpose of informing environmental management and making plans at exclusive levels of governance.

We study changes in land use and land cover, and associated results on panorama composition and capabilities. Moreover, we analyze localization of sectorial activities, associated resource use, flows and emissions at applicable spatial scales; and the usefulness of environmental policy frameworks and units on human practises, land use and landscape.

Studies have encompassed the anthropogenic pressures at the environment at one-of-a-kind geographical scales and how law addresses land use exchange at various stages, from EU degree coverage regulating or affecting land use and land use intensity and shape, to unmarried actors’ strategies towards land use and panorama control – and from spatial analyses of the exposure to site visitors noise throughout the EU to investigation of biotope shape in nearby groups.

Image result for geographical environment

Analyses and fashions primarily based on Geographical statistics systems (GIS) represent an essential methodological method for our research, and integration of various thematic statistics from a variety of sources is considered one of our strengths. Data for land use and land cover is a imperative asset for the work as land use interprets the strain from distinct riding forces to results at the environment in a spatial angle.

Examples of studies troubles are studies of panorama coherence, modeling of future eventualities for city development and transport accessibility, and techniques for identity of prone areas closer to distinctive societal pressures which include air pollutants, climate trade or use of prescription drugs.

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Regional or comparative analyses of coverage drivers for adjustments of land based structures and interactions among riding forces, scales of environmental techniques and suitable devices of law is every other place of research. In those research we use numerous qualitative and quantitative social technology methods.

In most projects we collaborate with different research groups, along with environmental social technological know-how agencies, or herbal scientists.

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